Radio RF

Don’t be terrified by the word Radiofrequencies RF. Science suggests this method for the fighting against aging and loose skin. It is a non- lancet face lift.

The therapy is completely safe, giving long-lasting results.

  • What happens to the skin? The treatment is based on the transmission of RF frequencies that heat facial tissues and act at a deeper level resulting in stimulation of collagen and the stretching of tissue, as occurred with the surgical lifting.
  • What you will see? The result is healthier, bloodless and your skin becomes smooth with a youthful appearance after a bloodless procedure.

The renewal comes gradually, smoothly and naturally, and the results are visible in a short time while durable over time. We return to our daily activities right after. RF is Prive Beauty & Spa’s specials!

Treatment is perfectly safe since the RF energy penetrates the skin and gives the feeling of a short and deep internal heat. This sensation proves that the collagen reaches the effective temperature clamping. This treatment is appropriately applied in times of sunshine and the sessions are repeated three to four times over three – four weeks in between. In all cases the treatment allows each person to normally continue its daily activities normally.