Golden Therapy 23 Carats

Gold as a facial therapy! It may be the first time you hear it, but yes it’s true. A therapy based on 23 carats gold, silk proteins, sea collagen microspheres, the Ginger medicinal plant from Chinese Medicine and oligopeptides. It is an innovative and totally natural method that restores the signs of aging and enhances the natural skin reconstruction.

You will see your face with a young glow and freshness. Moreover, the Golden Therapy 23 carats removes toxins and enhances elasticity.

  • How will the above happen? The method followed will increase the rate of renewal of your skin cells, and therefore ”reduce your age”.
  • What will you feel at the end of the therapy? A ”light” and fresh skin.
  • What will you see on the mirror? You can imagine! Can you?

Prive Beauty & Spa suggest this therapy to all skin types and considers it a must for all ages.

Live the gold experience!