Hydra Plus

The most important steps for the proper care of your skin: cleaning and then hydration. Hydra Plus is an enhanced, rich moisturizing facial treatment, ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. For all the ages and all skin types, this classical beauty therapy should be part of your face care. The treatment:

  • rehabilitates the skin at the appropriate level of hydration,
  • helps the skin breathe and work properly and thus allows the maximum effect of toiletries,
  • helps the skin absorb moisture and the necessary nutritional components and recovers its elasticity and shine.

The result is a bright shiny healthy face. The treatment lasts about one hour and is repeated depending on the needs of the skin.

A Hydra Plus is waiting for you at Prive Beauty & Spa that is performed by the experienced hands of our Beauticians, only with products of high standards!