Hot Stones Massage

Once Hot Stones Massage ….every day Hot Stones Massage.
In other words, if you trust us once, you will visit us every day! This is the only “danger” that you run.
Get the picture:

  • Hot volcanic stones are placed in energy centers of the body along the back.
  • The stones heat slowly enters the body.
  • The feeling of deep relaxation begins.
  • Blood circulation improves.
  • The delightful massage with the use of warm stones takes you off.
  • The muscles relax.

Final result?

  • Relaxation of muscular tensions and strain pains.
  • Improving blood circulation, hence vitality.
  • Relief from rheumatic and arthritic pains.
  • Reduction of stress and tension.

Relax, enjoy the treatment and start the day from scratch!