Hair Removal

Photoepilation IPL

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently!

The advanced technology of the IPL Pulsed Light System, coupled with the fact that Prive Beauty & Spa has the best in-market equipment, ensures fast, flexible and safe hair removal. Clinical studies have shown that photo-depression reduces unwanted hair growth by 70-80%, leaving only the lint.

With the IPL method, hundreds of pouches are destroyed in every pulse. Hairs exposed to intense pulsed light are excreted naturally from the skin after 1 week, leaving it smooth and soft. IPL depilation is appropriate for every part of the body and is allowed even in the summer, when other methods are forbidden!

It also has excellent results in people with other methods of pseudo-oculitis. The treatment is painless, without needles. Allowed for any age over 16.

Feel your skin as soft as a baby’s.

Depilation by electrolysis

Another method of radical epilating, using a different technology; this time using power.

Electrolysis is the method where a very fine needle enters the hair follicle and releases a high or continuous or a combination of 2 streams. This method wounds and then destroys the hair follicle. It takes a series of sessions to completely destroy the pocket. The hair is destroyed only when it is being regenerated.

Wax – Chalaoua

Effective method because the hair is removed for a period of 25 -30 days and the clipped area remains soft for a long time.