Facial Treatments

Dehydration, acne, wrinkles, sagging, blurry skin… Whichever your need, you should give yourself the chance to shine and to us the chance to prove that our sayings are true.

The Prive Beauty & Spa therapies have secrets, none else has.

We offer a great variety of therapies for face cleansing, hydration, refine, tightening, wrinkles correction … and many more. We also offer therapies special for the neckline as well.

Keep in mind that beyond our therapies, our values play another special role in our work. We work in detail; we trust our experience, the quality products. These are only a few of our characteristics that we urge you to notice upon your visit.

All of the above make us different and special.

Beyond the objective results, which you will see on your face, you’ll realize the subjective ones, as well. Trust our experience, our know-how and come to discuss what troubles you on your body. The differences among our therapies lay on the fields of the skin quality, the age, special problems & needs etc. If you trust us, we’ll ”read” your skin and we’ll suggest the best therapy for your perfect looks.

Don’t be confused by the number of the therapies, just trust us, enjoy the procedure and admire your face in the mirror.