Prive means Private, but for us it also means Special, Unique. Just like each one of us.

Beauty. For us it also has the meaning of … Elegance. Just like each one of us likes to feel and appeal.

Years back, we created this Aesthetics Institute under this notion. Our purpose was to honor uniqueness and to elevate your elegance. Later on, as our philosophy evolved, we became … & Spa.


We serve you in a place which is cozy, friendly, minimal, and nice, without exaggerations that will make you feel comfortable. We are ready to suggest solutions perfectly matching your needs, and we guarantee for the results. We are ready to suggest a totally personalized program that will cover any challenge your face or body might have. Love your skin and offer yourself this gift. You will see and feel the results on the spot and the days after.

You will find yourself:

  • Within a great variety of Aesthetic therapies signed by our personal care and professionalism.
  • Withina service quality which stands alone as a category – no place for comparisons – with emphasis on the detail.
  • With products of a higher level and cutting edge equipment.

All the above compose the excellence of our premises and services!

The priority of our mission is your looks and beauty. Believe it, we always succeed. Moreover, with time we observe that this affects your inner beauty as well, since you feel fresh, and energized with a better mood. Remember the phrase of Coco Chanel ”Elegance is when our inner self is as beautiful as our looks”

If someone ever asks about the reason of our long lived course, we’ll answer:

Prive Beauty & Spa is based on 2 pillars:

First: on our values which are honesty, trust, discretion, quality

Secondly: on our practices that are based on our know-how, our experience, the follow up of the Aesthetics pace, the adjustment on the market needs, the BABOR products which are of high standards, and which we use for a number of years, but other high standards products as well.

Our experience gave us the right to dare, to innovate and to shout it out loud.

Discover Prive Beauty & Spa, because Aesthetics evolves and moves on, so as to bring out the most beautiful you.

Come and meet us!